Rally Raid Competition Team for the 2023 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia


History and Activities of the Club


The Club Aventura Touareg was founded back in 2011 by Manuel García Vitoria, called ”Murchi”, after his long experience in international rally raid competitions as an amateur pilot and his work with several assistance teams and adventure tour companies.

The challenges for amateur -non-professional- motorbike riders to find information, training and the necessary help to achieve the dream of participating one day in a major rally like the Dakar Rally, moved him to create the Club, a platform that provides all the necessary information, training, preparation and activities related to the rally raid motorbike racing.

The Club was created as a non-profit organization with all benefits reinvested in the activities and the equipment. To be able to participate in the its activities it is necessary to register as a member. The Club currently has reached nearly 500 members, many of which actively participate in all the activities, help each other, exchange their experiences and help to develop the Club’s activities.



Today the Club is expanding and improving all of its activities, services and organization, dividing three activities:

  • Specialized Tours and Training Courses: Nearly every month the Club organizes offroad tours, mainly in Spain, for all levels of riders, including courses to learn basic and advanced navigation skills, introduction and improvement to rally competition and recreational tours.


  • Specialized Product Sale: The activities require many specialized products, both for the riders and the motorbike. The Club offers help, recommendations and especially developed products, such as riding equipment, motorbike parts and accessories.


  • International Race Assistance:. The Club participates every year in many rally competitions, such as the Baja España Aragón, the Hispania Rally, the Intercontinental Rally, The Morocco Desert Challenge, The Rally Du Maroc, The Merzouga Rally and even Dakar Rally, in which the Club will participate in 2020 with three pilots.



The Dakar Rally History


The Dakar Rally is the most important annual international motorsports offroad resistance competition (Rally Raid) in the world. The Rally is organized by the French company Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.), linked to the French media group L’Équipe, also organizes other large sport events such as the Tour de France or La Vuelta. The Rally has been organized since 1978 always during the first weeks of January. For many years the Rally started in Paris and ended in the capital of Senegal, Dakar, therefore it carried for many years the name Paris-Dakar.

From 1995 it has changed its starting city for many other European cities, such as Granada, Lisbon or Barcelona, mainly for advertising reasons, since the real competition always started once entering Africa. Also the end of the Rally has not always been in Dakar. In 1992, the race crossed the entire African continent to end in Cape Town, South Africa. In 2000 and 2003, the Rally ended the Egyptian cities of El Cairo and Sharm el-Sheikh, with the pyramids as background.

From the 2009 edition, the ASO decided to move the Rally to South America, crossing several countries: Argentina (2009-2018), Bolivia (2014-2018), Chile (2009-2015), Perú (2012-2019) y Paraguay (2017).

After chapter 1 in Africa and 2 in South América, crossing 29 countries in total: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIMtpewY1UE

the Dakar Rally will now head for its 2nd edition in Saudi Arabia, the county number 30

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeKAFd3v6AU (Teaser)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ypLWQ6IF3E (Chapter 3)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85byDCAqofs  (1979 to nowadays, longer)




The 2021 Dakar Rally


The 2021 Edition of the Dakar Rally will be the second edition in Saudi Arabia after the first highly successful edition in 2020. Despite the global crisis caused by the Covid19 pandemic, it is expected achieve a high media impact. The Dakar Rally is the most important international Rally Raid competition every year, with a gigantic global audience in all media types: all main global tv platforms and channels, all digital media, social networks, internet, video platforms and all -specialized and non-specialized press.

New Continent

It will take place in Saudi Arabia, the largest country in the Arabian Peninsula, which has an area nearly four times that of France. The largest country in the Middle East offers a unique diversity of landscapes that will dare the participants at the Dakar Rally in all their abilities: piloting, navigation and resistance. The Rally will cross nearly all Saudi Arabia, with each stage offering a variety of landscapes: canyons, dunes, mountains, riverbeds, etc. This immense, apparently virgin region, is filled with resources for the lovers of Rally Raids. The competitors will face dunes more than 250 meters high, in which sand specialists will have to use all their abilities and will be exposed to the inclemency of the desert.

New Rules

After some critics received over the past editions the organization has decided to take several measures all addressed to improve the competition, the equal opportunities and the security of all participants.

New Race

A new race organization team has assumed this new phase with great enthusiasm, as well as the authorities of Saudi Arabia, who have committed all their effort and resources to this new event.



The CAT Dakar Project


The Club Aventura Touareg has more than 10 years of experience in organizing, training and assistance of motorbike rally raid competition teams and riders in Spain and other countries, such as France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and Senegal. It has prepared a large number of pilots, many of which have achieved great success in competitions. The success of the Team is based on the active participation of all the Club Members. All are at the same time passionate riders and participants of rally raid competitions.

This experience of all the Team Members, lead by Manuel García Vitoria, ‘Murchi’, who has participated already five times in the Dakar Rally, including its successful participation in the 2020 edition encourages the team to also organize its participation in the 2021 Dakar Rally for motorbike pilots, mainly private pilots but also open to professional pilots.

The 2021 Dakar Rally in Saudi Arabia promises to be a very successful edition, due to the location, the support of the country, new rules and the new organization team, which has already shown its capability.

The Team counts on the necessary infrastructure for the project, such as a large 4×4 truck and several additional assistance vehicles all prepared for an event like this, for carrying all necessary equipment and vehicles, mechanics, spare parts, fuel etc.




The Club maintains relations with a large number of professionals, mechanics, technical and logistics staff which allow for a flexible and adapted organization.

In the 2021 Edition of the Dakar Rally, the Club Aventura Touareg will participate with several amateur and some professional pilots and will configure its organization according to the number of participants.


Participation Options for Pilots


The Team’s target is to be able to cover the necessary budget to be able to participate in the Dakar Rally guaranteeing the necessary conditions in terms of security and organization, assuming that no team member will receive a compensation for this event. The activities of the Club Aventura Touareg are based on the participation of its members and friends in the competitions is always motivated by their passion for this sport.

With already several pilots confirmed, we can offer the following three alternatives for pilots who want to participate in the 2020 Dakar Rally with the assistance of the Club Aventura Touareg:

Price & Bonifications:

Standard Option: Participation with own motorbike (KTM or Husqvarna Rally recommended)

Price: € 16,000

Only logistic and mechanical suport

  • Bonification for finishing: € 3,000
  • Bonification for bringing another pilot: € 3,000


Bike Renting Option 1: KTM 450 EXC FIM certified                                                             Price: € 35,000

Bike Renting Option 2: KTM 450 Rally Replica                                                                     Price: € 40,000


Opcion 2&3 incluyed Logistic+Asistance support+Rental Bike+Registration feeds.

All spare parts consumed will be paid after finishing in all cases.



Media Impact





Manuel García

General Manager


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Luis García



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Daniel Lainsa

Public Relations


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