From 21/10 to 28/10 2023

*Limited to 20 MOTORCYCLES.

We are going to the south marrakech (morocco)

THREE options THREE XTREME+ 1 concepts


This year again we will surprise friends and strangers with the greatest adventure you can attend in Morocco, much more rewarding than any race, guided tour or experience you may have experienced in the desert.

This experience is only comparable to the sensation you feel in a Dakar, but without the economic demands and preparation and within reach of any amateur with any properly prepared motorcycle (which we will help you). Also, all the participants have been collaborating for years to the success of the formula where dakarians and beginners share table, tablecloth and routes making these 9 days go by very fast.



Everyone has something to contribute and the evenings in the bivouacs are spectacular where our Dakarian truck, assistance vehicles and our mechanics do not stop working throughout the night so that everything starts again the next morning.

The hotels and food will continue to improve without losing the authenticity that we look for in Morocco, avoiding overcrowding and conventional routes that you can do at any other time.

This year there will also be some routes also designed for trail bikes and a responsible for them where the off road will be the premise and where you can improve all your skills by choosing the hardness of the route to face.

For the first time we will have the base of our great adventure in MARRAKECH like the great African rallies such as the MDC or the Rally du Maroc where we participate with our competition team and that will be the source of inspiration for this edition where it will prevail.



the dunes, navigation and orientation in the dunes will be our goal in addition to the navigation with racing roadbooks in a progressive way.

During the day our assistants, already experienced in a thousand battles in Africa, in rallies of all kinds and even as an official team in the DAKAR 2023 will take care of us with tracking systems (mandatory for all participants) and will be placed in strategic locations to cover any incident with food, water, fuel and tools to solve any unforeseen event.

And as always the quality of our routes and Roadbook of races will make your level of navigation, dune crossing and riding will improve without realizing it and in a progressive and safe way.



If you are also a person with experience and you like strong experiences do not worry we have the Xtreme routes where our goal is to take you to where you have to say enough.

This year the Morocco Xtreme will leave from MARRAKECH (wonderful city) where you can arrive with us by regular flight.

We can transport your bike and equipment from the peninsula to MARRAKECH and back (Barcelona-Madrid-Valencia-Andalucia-North) without worrying about transport and logistics or we can rent you a full equiped competition bike.

There we will wait for you from Friday 20th in a high quality hotel where we will set up the vibouac with our Dakarian truck and where you will pick up your bike and equipment (if you hire the transport).

In addition, our mechanics will make a first check of the bikes to ensure that your bike is in perfect condition for the great adventure that awaits us.




The routes will be long, but they are designed so that everyone can decide the amount and the hardness of the kilometers to be done being divided into three or four security sections.

There will also be a daily breefing where the stages and the mechanical, navigation and driving tips will be explained and the pairs will be decided.

This will be our 15th edition of the Morocco xtreme and that is why we have decided to surprise you with a unique route that few organizations dare to develop.

That said we invite you in this great edition to share with us our passion for off road motorcycles, the dunes and navigation with the following program


19th and 20th October 2023

Reception in Marrakech and transfer to the hotel where we will have everything ready for this great adventure.


Combined stage Marrakech-Agadir a stage to open this unprecedented edition

22nd Agadir –Guelmin

100% off-road stage, unprecedented on any known route

23rd Guelmin /Tam tam

We will go down to the white beach, exit by the river and re-enter through the cliffs to the mouth of the Draa River.

24th Tam Tam/Tam tam

A loop stage around the mouth of the Draa river with a short but very intense roadbook that will test our expertise and endurance.

25th Tam Tam / Ersmara

Unpublished stage again with many different types of landscapes that will lead us to this unknown southern city.

26th Ersmara/Layounne

A short stage after a long one will be the tonic during this Morocco xtreme, this will run through the bed of a dry river that will take us to the capital of the region.

27th El aioun/El aioum

An unforgettable stage that will start with 35 kms of dunes of the most difficult you have ever tried, very soft and technical dunes where you can choose between, do them all, do only the first section 14 kms, do only the second 20 kms or avoid the dunes and start the stage at kilometer 35 of the roadbook.


Return by plane from Layounne Day 27




Faithful to our philosophy of toughness, the most experienced riders will be able to complete the road-books of two full weeks of races in only 7 days.

This formula is designed for people who want to train for the Dakar or train for a future participation in an African event, navigation, long routes and advice from amateur and professional riders and professional mechanics.

There is also the option of carrying a box of 80 ltrs (check price and availability) similar to the one transported in the Dakar for all your belongings.

Or bring a second bike for testing before the big race.

For the riders who are going to ride international events we offer the new electronic roadbooks for training.



In this formula the participants in this adventure will have the daily option to choose between the normal route or the X-Treme, depending on their strength or desire.

It is ideal for people with experience and who want something more than a typical trip of ducklings in Morocco and not to worry about anything but riding a motorcycle for a little more than a week intense that they will remember all their life.




Here we can include the rest of the mortals who want a more relaxed trip, where you can learn in a more relaxed way (be careful, it is not going to be a walk),

People with less experience or who simply wish to enjoy the trip in a different way, sharing it with Dakarian pilots.

As always someone from the organization will be closing this group where the most novices will take the initiative to open the track and learn how to manage in any situation in the desert.

This closing group will have the purpose of navigation and learning and will have a special route according to the conditions of the trip.




This is the third year that the club bets for the fat bikes, the boom of these motorcycles is remarkable and where we will take qualified personnel to choose at all times the routes depending on the level and type of vehicle.



Since we are going to cover all the known Morocco and the variety of landscapes to be covered, we propose you to join us in this adventure and be protagonists as assistants, stopping and visiting the places that in a tourist tour you would never be able to see.

There is already a growing interest in this formula even for people who have nothing to do with the motor world.

They will be part of the track followers and assistance team, doing the same routes as the motorcycles, but shortened, and the experience will be unforgettable.



If you do not have a prepared bike we offer you the possibility of providing you with a totally reliable and prepared competition bike with all the necessary tanks, lights, electrical installation, wheels, road-book mousses and even the gps in very good conditions.

we have:


2 KTM 450 EXC-2019                       1.500€

4 KTM 450 EXC -2020/21                  2.000€  

4 KTM 450 EXC 2022/23                    2.500€

2 KTM 500 6 DAYS FULL EQUIP   3.000€

2 KTM 450 RALLY REPLICA          5.000€



  • Motorcycle transport to Morocco and back
  • Electrical installation, garmin GPS support, Tablet, Roadbook and ico
  • Steering damper
  • Prepared suspensions and oversized disc brakes
  • Previous complete overhaul





1.950€ MOTO

2.500€ QUAD

2.500€ BUGGIE






*Note* prices may vary depending on the cost of ferries.





  • Hotels and Kasbah on half board basis in shared rooms
  • Routes and road book
  • Transport of small luggage bag and small spare parts on the road
  • Free access to the club’s SPOT (satellite positioning system) shared page in case of own spot
  • Course of navigation and use of GPS
  • Course of driving in sand and dune bashing
  • Practice of mechanics on track troubleshooting to reach the vibouac
  • Access to work area (malles moto) with light, tools and lubricants services.
  • Drinks and meals in the assistance and refueling areas.
  • General check of motorcycles before the activity.



  • TRANSPORT MOTORCYCLE AND LUGGAGE TO MARRAKECH from any point of the peninsula we have the service door to door we pick up the bike at your home and deliver it after the activity for club members

 PRICE 850€.


  • PROFESSIONAL MECHANICAL ASSISTANCE the club gives you the possibility to focus on making motorcycle and prepare well the long journeys without worrying about the maintenance of your bike we have this service with mechanics with extensive experience in African rallies and even the Dakar the mechanics of the club are Spanish members of the club and with great knowledge.

PRICE 1.000€.


  • SPOT OWAKA security system rental (150€)
  • Motorbike-quad gasoline
  • Drinks in hotels
  • Compulsory repatriation insurance
  • Wheels and mousse
  • Garmin gps rental 60€.
  • Digital tablet rental 190€.
  • Mechanical assistance (mandatory for rental motorcycles) 1.000€.


Deposit 1.000€







To reserve a place you must make a pre-reservation of 500€ in the club’s account and register.

If for reasons of force majeure the interested party is unable to attend, this amount will be saved for future activities.




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