9/14 02/2020 y 21/02 al 26/02/2020

Live a unique experience in one of the most spectacular deserts in the world, the desert of Mauritania will make you enjoy and hook you at the same time. You have to try it will be a unique experience.

We give you the opportunity to travel through the interior of the country on spectacular routes with the total security and monitoring of each participant. You only have to worry about riding your motorbike in the desert.

This trip has been designed for you to come with your own vehicle or with a rented motorcycle. There will also be the same adventure for the companions in 4×4 vehicle, being the days more relaxed.

We will travel through part of the interior that travelers sometimes forget because of fear, ignorance or lack of preparation

Chinguetti… The door of the great Touareg caravans of the immense Sahara, where one of the oldest libraries in the Arab world is located, the hospital founded by Spaniards and given to the Mauritanian government, the tracks of the Dakar and a wild landscape that is waiting for you.

This country is our home for more than 15 years that we travel by motorcycle or 4×4 and always welcomes us and surprises us

We have all the logistics and infrastructure to make your trip a real adventure, not a guided tour, where you are the real protagonist

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