REAL WAY TO DAKAR 23-01 to 04/02 2023






After 10 consecutive editions participating in the intercontinental rally (now Real Way to Dakar) with the break of these two years of pandemic, we will resume it as the great opportunity for any amateur who wants to reach the Lac Rose on his motorcycle or off road vehicle in an affordable way with a great offer of assistance for motorcycles.

 (quads- buggies -cars and companions will also be able to join us, ask for information)


In this great rally you can participate in two different ways: Race category or Adventure category (more relaxed and designed for those who wish to reach the Dakar on their motorcycle without the pressure of a competition).


And with two routes one to Dackla (Morocco)

And another one to Dakar (Senegal)





Assistance Little Category (Half Race) to Dackla,


  • Transport motorcycle and material Spain morocco
  • Transport of a metal box 80 liters max weight 35 kgs
  • Transport of a tent and a sleeping bag.
  • Transport of motorcycle and equipment back to Spain
  • Transfer of routes to gps
  • Working space in bivouac with air light and AUXOL oils
  • Logistical advice, insurance management and personal transport
  • Access to spare parts KTM wheels and mousses during the race
  • Gasoline treated with Auxol high quality products (not included)


1.900€ + registration





  • Assistance all the way to the pink lake
  • Transport motorcycle and material Spain Morocco
  • Transport of a metal box of 80 liters max weight 35 kg
  • Transport of two complete wheels
  • Transport of one tent and sleeping bag
  • Transport motorcycle Dakar-Spain
  • Transfer of routes to Gps
  • Working space in a bivouac with light and AUXOL® oil
  • Logistic advice, insurance management and personal transport
  • Access to KTM spare parts, wheels and mousses during the race
  • Gasoline treated with Auxol high quality products (not included)







  • High quality gasoline

The club has complementary tanks with high quality gasoline treated with Auxol products for octane and care of the injectors (the price per liter will be communicated before the rally).


  • Transport of extra box

Transport of a homologated 80 liters box during the rally and return to Spain.



Professional mechanic assistance during the whole race, pre-rally check-up by professional mechanic in his workshop, complete assistance and access to spare motorcycle.




Hotels throughout the rally from Morocco and during the rally and in Senegal accommodation only

13/15 days including

Half board, designed to ensure breakfast and dinner every day, drinks and fruits in the bivouacs.

On camping days we will also take care of having dinner and breakfast in the bivouacs.

A good rest is the key to our high rate of finishes on the beaches of the pink lake (one day we will visit a luxury restaurant whose price is not included).



Management of visas and documentation for the rally, vaccinations and documentation and flights.



Pick up of the motorcycle, box and luggage of the pilots at home, transport to Almeria and delivery once the rally is over (Barcelona, Madrid and north zone, ask for a quote).




The club has an accident and illness insurance, medical expenses and repatriation for this race for its pilots who wish it.




The club can provide to all those who wish maps of the countries we will cross.



The club incorporates in its ranks a person in charge of press with high quality photos and videos.

Possibility of hiring his services individually



Real time tracking from Europe of the club members via spot, emergency phone in Europe available to call and ask for help.



The box must be metallic Dakar type are standard of 80 liters of capacity the club has boxes available at the price of



This year as a novelty we will have professional physio service for our riders.



Motorcycle rental option


In 4 years since we have provided this service, 100% of the riders who have relied on this service have finished the Rally.

The experience in races and the reliability of the motorcycles built by us are a guarantee.


  • 4-KTM 450 EXC rally 2019
  • 4-KTM 450 EXC rally 2022
  • 2-KTM Rally Replica 2023
  • 1-KTM 500 EXC RALLY
  • 1-YAMAHA 700


All our motorcycles have additional tanks, fairing and electrical installation, prepared suspensions and are fully checked and READY TO RACE.

In order to rent these motorcycles it is essential to have the mechanical assistance contracted.




50% of the contracted services at the moment of the pilot’s registration as a member of the club, end of this offer 31-03-2022

Rest before 30-07-2022

From 30-09 until the end of registrations depending on availability.

If for any reason of force majeure the driver cannot attend the rally, the club gives the possibility to transfer the assistance place to another driver under the same conditions agreed.

If due to force majeure the rally is not held, we guarantee the refund of the amounts paid.




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