Motorcycle Rentals

To prepare a bike for rallies is a big investment because most enduro fans have their motorcycles setup for that sport and not for raids.

Many racers and fans have asked us for help in this regard. That’s why we have some bikes to rent, all of them fully prepared and equipped to train and to compete in a rally without any issues.

How much does it cost to prepare a bike for rallies?

We have taken a 2017 Yamaha WR450F as a starting point, a bike with a very good base to transform it into an excellent racing machine.

  • Motorcycle purchase: €9,000
  • Taking care of the flaws for raids: €300
  • Petrol tanks: €850
  • Skid plate: €350
  • Cooling system improvement: €280
  • Setup for FIM norm: €450
  • Lights and electrical system: €250
  • Specific tyres and mousses: €480
  • Transmission setup for rally: €100
  • ICO, GPS (it isn’t allowed in some events) and wiring: €750
  • The fairing is optional so you don’t really need it, anyway in the market there are different models with different prices.

All in all, to prepare a bike for rallies amounts to almost €3,500 plus the motorcycle’s price tag. Also we have to take into account the cost of spare parts, which can be a lot of money.

You don’t want to take part in a rally without spare parts or with an old motorbike. We strongly advice against it because it could ruined a wonderful experience or even worst, you could have an accident.

Our rally bikes for rent

The bikes available at Club Aventura Touareg are suitable for routes around Spain, as well as for training in Morocco or to take part in any desert race.

  • 1 KTM Rally Réplica
  • 1 Yamaha Rally 2015
  • 7 Yamaha 2016-2018
  • 3 KTM 450

Dual-sport motorcycle rental

Club Aventura Touareg has seven Honda Africa Twin to rent thanks to an agreement with Pau Travel Moto

What do you get when renting the bike?

  • A motorcycle that has been serviced and is in top condition
  • We take care of the motorbike’s transportation to the race or event and back
  • We provide assistance in case of any mechanical issue
  • We provide spare parts for the rented bike
  • There is even a spare bike to enjoy the event to the full (subject to logistics considerations)
  • The rider will have to pay for any damage due to a crash or just misuse
  • The budget will be according to the activity you are going to do with the rental bike: route, training or racing
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