This year, after the Moroccan succes, in which 40 people shared the most satisfactory non competitive activity available to every riding level, and at the same time, the one with the most quantity of kilometres and the best roadbooks and pilots quality, this year we are using the same formula in Spain, where we are going to re-discover our country.

This brand new activity will take place in LOGROÑO, home of Club Aventura Touareg, where you will be able to place your car and trailer or van and load your luggage in our assistance vehicles or our dakarian truck. We will be waiting there for you on Friday 04/03 at a high quality hotel located really near from our headquarters, where we will place our vibouac with our dakarian truck.

Also, our mechanich team, will make a first check to our mounts to guarantee the best of the conditions for the awaiting adventure ahead of us.
Routes will be long, but designed for every riding level and 4×4 vehicle being these divided in 3 or 4 security tracks.
There will also be a daily breefing in which the stages, mechanical, navigation and driving advices will be explained. We will also decide each pair of pilots.

Day 1 (04/04).- Logroño 250 kms
Day 2 (04/05).- 180 kms
Day 3 (04/06).- 180 kms
Day 4 (04/07).- 325 kms
Day 5 (04/08).- 280 kms
Day 6 (04/09).- Logroño 180 kms

According to our adventurous philosophy, trail bikes will be treated with special care and there will be qualified on track staff to help the participants to improve their off road riding and navigation technique. Must wear off road tyres (type of tyre and distributor free advice)

Ideal for experienced pilots and those willing to do more than the common tracks in Spain and just focus on riding for one intense week that will be remembered for his hole life featuring iconic landscapes.

The rest of the mortals will be fitted here, for those
looking for a more relaxed experience, in which you can
learn the navigation secrets and tricks with well known
and experienced experts.


This year, due to the rise of this type of vehicles, and the support of some sponsors, we will be admiting some 4×4 or buggies participants (really limited inscriptions).


We will be offering a chance to take part in this magnificent adventure with a huge variety of beautiful landscapes and be part of the assistance visiting these places in a touristic experience.


If you don’t have a bike with the required equipment, we offer you the chance to rent a full equiped rally or trail bike with all the required equipment such as gps, roadbook, electric instalation, tyres, etc.

We offer you:

3 YAMAHA 450 WR -17-18
5 KTM 450 EXC-2018 RALLY Aventura Touareg
4-ktm 450 EXC -2019 RALLY Aventura Touareg
1-Ktm 500 FACTORY


Off road accident insurance Trail bikes ask for tyre type
Usage of free Club beacon team track Be a Club member (10€ per year)

1.200€ bike

1.750€ quad, buggie or 4X4
950€ companion
*(250€ extra for single room)
Breakfast and dinner at hotels with shared room.
Routes and roadbooks (property of the organisation)
RC insurance for non competitive sport event
Small luggage bag and changing pieces on road transport
Free SPOT page access (satellite location system)
Team Track Beacon
Navigation and gps usage lessons
Trail bikes riding lessons with experienced teacher
Troubleshooting on the track practices guided by a
professional mechanich
On track bikes rescue to road (technical assistance to 4×4)
On track refueling
Access to dakarian truck with tools, and working place
Compulsory off road activity insurance

Hotel drinks
Possibility to hire profesional mechanich assistance


Limited inscriptions 50 people MAXIMUM To reserve inscription, you have to pre-pay 200€ on the Club bank account and be a Club member If, due to force majeure, the person concerned could not attend, that amount would be kept for future activities

Listado inscritos provisional

  • Juan Mayoz. KTM 790 Adventure. Donosti
  • Melchor Lizarraga. KTM 350 EXC. Pamplona
  • Agustín Peiró. Yamaha WR 450 F. Valencia
  • Kepa Vitoria. AJP. Hondarribia
  • Manel Miró. Honda XL 600. Sitges
  • Diego Ayensa. BMW F 800 GS. Villafranca
  • Pedro Lezano. KTM 790 Adventure R. Villafranca
  • Fabio Lottero. KTM 790 Adventure R. Italia
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