• Dates: From January 21st to February 3rd
  • Places: Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal.

After 8 consecutive editions participating in the intercontinental rally and being the best we will celebrate with a great offer of assistance for motorcycles (quads-buggies-cars and companions can also accompany us request information).

In this great rally you can participate in two different ways Race category or Adventure category (more relaxed and designed for those who wish to reach Dakar on their motorcycle without the pressure of a competition).

With two routes one to Dakhla (Morocco) and another to Dakar (Senegal).

Little Category Offer

Little Category Assistance (Half Race) to Dakhla,

  • Transport of a metal box 80 liters max weight 35 kg
  • Baggage bag
  • Transfer back of motorcycle Dackla-Spain
  • Transportation of cash and bag to Spain
  • Passing routes to gps
  • Work space in vibouac with light oils AUXOL
  • Logistic consulting
  • Access to spare parts Yamaha wheels and mousses during the race
  • Gasoline treated with high quality Auxol products (not included)
  • 1.250€ + inscription

Full Race Offer

  • Assistance throughout the race to the Lace Rose
  • Transport of a metallic box of 80 liters weight max 35 kg
  • Baggage bag transport
  • Transportation of two complete wheels
  • Transportation of a tent
  • Motorcycle transport Dakar-Spain
  • Passing routes to Gps
  • Space Work in vibouac with light and acetites AUXOL
  • Logistic consulting
  • Access to spare parts Yamaha wheels and mousses during the race
  • Gasoline treated with high quality Auxol products (not included)
  • 2.500€ + inscription

Optional Complementary Services

High quality fuel
The club has complementary tanks with quality gasoline treated with Auxol products for octane and care of the injectors (the price of the liter will communicate before the rally).

Extra box transportation
Transport of extra 80 liters box approved during the rally and return to Spain.

Mechanical assistance
Professional mechanical assistance, truck access, oils and consumables incluided review previous to the rally by professional mechanic in his workshop, full assistance and access to motor.

Hotels all the rally from Almeria and during the rally and in Senegal only accommodation 18-19 days.

Half board, designed to guarantee breakfast and dinnerevery day drinks and fruits in the vibouacs.

Management of visas and documentation for the rally, vaccines and documentation and flights.

Motorcycle and material transport
Collection of motorcycle, box and luggage of pilots at home, transport Almería and delivery once the rally is finished (Barcelona, Madrid and north area rest ask budget).

Transport person to Almeria
Transport person to Almeria

Insurance and repatriation insurance management
The club has accident and illness insurance, medical expensesand repatriation for this race for its pilots who wish it.

The club can provide to all those who wish it cartography of the countries that we are going to cross.

The club incorporates in its team a press person in charge of taking photos and videos, possibility of contracting your services individually.

Guardian angel service
Real time tracking from Europe of the members of the club via spot, telephone in europe available in case of emergency to be able to call and request assistance or satellite guide service.

Approved box 80 liters
The box must be metallic Dakar type, are standard 80 liters capacity.

Rent option, Yamaha 450 WR
Moto Yamaha 450 wr prepared with tanks and gps totally revised and ready for the competition, with assistance. Mechanics included.


Way to pay
50% of the services contracted to the registration of the pilot as a member of the top club of this offer 31-05-2017. Rest before 07-30-2017. From 30-09 until the end of registration depending on availability. If for some reason of force majeure the pilot can not attend the rally the club gives the possibility of assigning the seat of assistance to another driver in the same agreed conditions.

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