Club Aventura Touareg organizes off-road trips in Spain, Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. These travels combine the best routes with high quality tourism enjoying each country’s gastronomy. All the experience we have gathered in the Intercontinental Rally will serve the dual-purpose and rally riders. You can also rent a bike from us.

Adventure trips in Spain

Tailor-made trips of three to six days for dual-purpose and enduro bikes -owned or rented- enjoying the trails through La Rioja, the pine forest of Soria and the desert areas of Aragon (where the famous Baja España takes place).

A wonderful experience to mix motorcycle riding with high quality tourism and the best gastronomy. The schedule includes visit to some wineries and even restaurants awarded with a Michelin star.

It is possible to arrive by plane to Madrid, Barcelona or Zaragoza or to take a high speed train (AVE) to Zaragoza, from there the customer will be collected by us and taken to Logroño, the starting point of all the activities.

Adventure trips to Morocco

This is an ideal adventure for dual-purpose riders looking for a trip with navigation. All the experience we have gathered with rally and enduro bikes in the Morocco X-Treme will be put to good use with dual-purpose motorbikes. The stages are long and hard with a strong emphasis on navigation.

We offer group trips on demand for enduro, rally and dual-purpose bikes.

Enjoy your Dakar

If your dream is to arrive at Lac Rose (Pink Lake) with your dual-purpose bike (no matter which size) we offer a very special trip joining the Adventure Touareg team in the Intercontinental Rally. It’s possible to ride on safe tracks that aren’t too difficult.  More information.

Club Aventura Touareg takes care of the return of the motorcycle and the luggage of the participant, paperwork at the borders, medical assistance, bike maintenance and accommodation in the best hotels in the area.

Upcoming adventures


CLUB AVENTURA TOUAREG PROYECTO 2021 Son ya trece años desde su creación y los pilotos y actividades del club se han consolidado como los máximos representantes de los rally-raids a nivel amateur en España. Sus viajes a Marruecos y la presencia en los campeonatos de...


Del 27/03 al 03/04 Semana Santa Plazas limitadas 15 MOTOS Este año después de la imposibilidad de bajar a entrenar a marruecos y el  éxito de la misma fórmula aplicada en España donde 20 personas compartimos la más gratificante aventura  no competitiva abierta  a...


20/01 al 05/02 de 2022 INTERCONTINENTAL RALLY 2022 THE ADVENTURE CATEGORY We are going to help all the off road fans to live the unique experience of reaching the mythical pink lake on a motorbike. A unique experience that you have to do once in your life, no matter...

Come to Dakar with your trail bike

From 20/01 to 05/02 2022 Route: Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. We are going to help all the off-road fan to live the unique experience of reaching the mythical Lake Rosa (there is the possibility of reaching the border with Mauritania) by motorcycle, a unique...


FROM 08-11 TO THE END OF MARCH Live the great experience of travelling through Senegal on a country bike, in a 4x4, on a road bike or with your own vehicle. Discover its culture, its tracks and its people. Enjoy the routes of the old Paris-Dakar, from stages in the...

Hispania X-Treme 2020

This year, after the Moroccan succes, in which 40 people shared the most satisfactory non competitive activity available to every riding level, and at the same time, the one with the most quantity of kilometres and the best roadbooks and pilots quality, this year we...

Route Barcelona – Los Monegros, with navigation

Dates: On request Route for trail motorcycles, maxitrail and enduro - own or rental bike -, leaving from Barcelona to Los Monegros, where a navigation course is held and you return to Barcelona the next day. It is much more than a weekend excursion, it is quite an...

Route Madrid – Los Arenales de Segovia, with navigation

Dates: On request Route for trail motorcycles, maxitrail and enduro -own moto or rental-, with departure from Madrid to the Arenales de Segovia, where a navigation course is held and return to Madrid the next day. It is much more than a weekend excursion, it is quite...

Route Logroño, Soria, Teruel and Zaragoza, with navigation

Dates: On request Route for trail motorcycles, maxitrail and enduro -moto own or rental-, leaving from Logroño and passing through Soria, Teruel (where the navigation course is carried out) and Zaragoza, from where you return back to Logroño. It is much more than a...

Baja training at Teruel and Navigation course

Date: June 15th, 16th and 17th, 2018. Place: Teruel (Spain) Club Touareg Adventure has prepared for its partners and friends a navigation training and navigation course with Roadbook with the following program. Activity open to rally, enduro and trail motorcycles,...

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