About us

It’s been already eight years since its foundation. Club Aventura Touareg, its riders and activities, represent Spain’s best amateur rally-raid.

The team have taken extensive trips to Morocco, taking part in the Spanish Championships, in motorcycle navigation events around the country and in international races.

Club Aventura Touareg give support and advice to all members who wish to take part in a race, everything from race licenses to preparation.

Since 2017 the motorcycle navigation events are getting more and more popular. Club Aventura Touareg has already more than 300 members, some of them are Dakar legends while others are just amateur racers who are beginning to take part in competitions. No less than 360 racers and fans have taken part in one of the Club activities along these 8 years…

All of them have carried out numerous reliability tests on motorcycles in the Morocco
X-treme with Dakar-style stages, a hard test for machine, navigation skills and endurance, an event where riders and bikes are taking to the limit.

For 2018 Club Aventura Touareg has a lot of very interesting activities and to celebrate the year we want to make a special offer to our most faithful members.

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