Stage 5 del IR 2016, entre Itch y Smara

Today was a big step for Darius, Fernando and his bowler. They have done very good time, although with some minor navigational difficulties and continue first in the category light, ahead of fellow Adolfo and José with Mitsubishi and third overall.
Malles motorcycle
Thomas Tauste epic feat with his KTM Rally has made a perfect stage smoothly, with good navigation. Finally he has enjoyed after 2 days and nights repairing the bike. Thanks to their mechanical skills and his spirit has been able to count all the adversities and the bike is ready for the next step tomorrow to Dakhla.
Sara Garcia and Murcia
Before Cp 8 they wanted to take a more direct route to shorten while outside the racetrack Sara has broken the chain guide. After repairs have been unable to start the engine and to Murchi had to tow it to start the engine.
They have come to the desert bivouac before nightfall without going through the end of the stage to solve the problem with the help of the assistance the Club. After a few minutes they are back to finish the stage.
Antonio Valero continues to lead the overall standings and 5 Pilots are being the club 10 first.