Club Aventura Touareg goes racing with just one objective, to enjoy the experience preventing the risks so the enthusiasts can finish the event. We benefit from a vast amount of experience after competing for many years with our own racers and also giving assistance to many other riders who has been quite successful.

We offer logistical and mechanical assistance, as well as setting the bike up and preparing the rider.

Upcoming races

Assistance Intercontinental Rally 2019

Dates: From January 21st to February 3rd Places: Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. After 8 consecutive editions participating in the intercontinental rally and being the best we will celebrate with a great offer of assistance for motorcycles (quads-buggies-cars and...

Come to Dakar with your trail bike

Dates: January / February 2019. Route: Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal. We are going to help all the off-road fan to live the unique experience of reaching the mythical Lake Rosa (there is the possibility of reaching the border with Mauritania) by motorcycle, a unique...

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