First stage of the International Rally 2016

Stage to enter dynamic career, where particularly short he started at 07:30h for the first moto and it was a pitch control Almería.

And assists pilots boarded at 11am in the morning heading for Nador.
After the border and customs procedures for pilots and vehicles, There was a stretch to link to Guercif 165 km by road, chaotic traffic and quite cold accompanied the participants to the desert bivouac.

The Club assists and handled all the details necessary for the passage of its pilots in Moroccan stages.

At the briefing the organization gave details of tomorrow's stage will lead the Rally to the dunes of Merzouga.
Navigation much expected, with CPs difficult to locate, fast tracks and of course sand. Quite a challenge for the drivers that are released in the Intercontinental Rally.

It will be the first stage “real” and assists pilots and thoroughly prepared their strategies.

Remember that the 80% Rally is on gravel, in the spirit of authentic Dakar.