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In Morocco and Senegal are not necessary. In Mauritania there are two types of visas one for one entry and one for multiple entries, espiden what you normally in a week and be careful with that, if you take the single input and want to come back when you return from road road senegal entraer not leave you again, the visa is cheaper and is for returning by plane.

For returning by road is necessary to request multi-input price runs between 90 and 130 € I think I can and I take care of their processing.

Senegal is essential to go through the health card of yellow fever vaccine d ela (if anyone gets a fake mob in ROSSO sold at the border crossing


All CCAA has a specific health department for travelers and is required to go through them before making a trip to africa you will be asked the following immunizations: TETANOS, Hepatitis A, YELLOW FEVER AND B epatitis…

Regarding malaria conflicting opinions and at the end I have not taken the malarone, if you need to take caution, Always wear long sleeves and to the humid and warm sites can be well protected by RELEC. Normally mosquitoes usually act at dusk and dawn asiq ue if we sleep in tents we will have to fumigate before going with either RELEC..

It is also wise to never leave the store open and use mosquito nets and also keep the store open and use lights lanterns at once ,since we are attracting bugs.

As additional information, and after the experience of 2012, seems that today no official need yellow fever vaccination to enter Senegal. Nobody asked us vaccines, only the organization. All we went vaccinated, but we do not decide that you contact the embassy of Senegal and informs the organization before going. Personally I vaccinate, although some people do not notice anything and spent a few days with other flu symptoms. Not nice.

Malaria, There were also people who took the pills and other non-. In a conversation with a Swiss guy who works in St Louis, I recommended not to take anything at this time of year. He begins to take before summer. It is very hard not to mosquito bites at night. I would advise bringing a mosquito net more than anything so annoying bites.


In Morocco, there are no problems and know how and how much change, circulating in mauritania OUBILLAS a coin if you have to spare the itrar worth nothing, however the change to the euro is very good now 1-400, but you should change it right in Nouadibou ( they change in banks or on the street)

In Senegal works Franc CEFA and we will change according to the eye needs to Dakar is a city where almost all travelers have stolen so little ostentation and out watches and bracelets and just paste in the pockets is convenient to you to buy one hremetica bag to hang neck to bring the passport and pasta

As additional information on the 2012, in Morocco you can change in the building on the right at the office of Nador. In Mauritania can be changed on the border with “banks walking” there there. Change it right. Thinking in steps, refueling can make the organization. Possibly only gasoline in Nouakchott take that everywhere else no gasoline.

Antique Car

In Senegal it is not possible to enter with older vehicles 5 years old. As members of the rally, obtain a special permit from the Senegalese customs by 4 days. The day after the end of the rally we must leave the country if you do not want to have problems with customs when taking vehicles over 5 years old.

In the 2012 there was no problem with it.

Additionally, the organization calls the international card. Nobody asked for it and we should not be missing. At the border the organization manages the compulsory insurance of entry into the country. Personally does not take more that do not know what would happen in case of accident. Maybe you re crazy so better safe.

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