Offer to run the Intercontinental Rally 2016

This will be the fifth anniversary of the creation of Club Adventure Touareg and fifth club participation in the Intercontinental Rally. To celebrate and thank the friends that these years have supported the club are working on a great deal for anyone is left out and can run this great rally..

Offer assistance Intercontinental Rally 2016


  • 4.500€.- For members of the club who have ever participated in the rally
  • 5.000€.- To all Members who run with Yamaha
  • 5.500€.-For other friends who run first


  • 5.500€ For the first three quads registered (before 30-04-2015)
  • 6.500€ For the rest

Buggies UTVS

  • (Request)

Also as you know every club member to bring a friend have a discount 500 €


  • Registration to the test
  • Transportation bike during the race and return to Spain
  • A box transporting 80 liters 2 complete wheels, a tent and a travel bag
  • Mechanical assistance
  • Change oils Yamahas
  • Paso route to GPS


  • Personal expenses Visa, Return flights, insurance,Gasoline, Hotels and meals


Also as a new club will divide the participants into two teams: X-Treme y Competition

X-Treme Team.-

MURCHI will run in the same format that has so far been so successful, be a team with a strong discipline where what matters will be the safety and fair play competition with

Competition Team.-

Will be directed by Luis Garcia or Rafa Landa with clear guidelines but where the pilot will also be able to make decisions that do not affect the assistance, schedules ways and means of addressing the rally etc

Travel workouts to Morocco

For anyone interested in October the club down to train Morocco similar to the rally stages and also workshop navigation with road book and Directions, Postage dunes , mechanical preparation of the vehicle and track price for the Intercontinental Rally registered 2016 ( 7 a 9 nights in Morocco dates to be confirmed)

  • 500€ (Ferry costs not included)

Also as a new club this year enrolled a car press to accompany daily along with Toyota fast assistance to pilots and arrange several seats for companions for family or friends who wish to follow the rally within the organization and within the law.

Repeat the format of assistance to return to being the best rally team will be reshaped by

  • 1 the 2 service trucks as a function of registered
  • 1.- Toyota Hilux Assistance Rapida so well that has given us these years serving at all times pilots with mechanical , tools and food
  • 1.- Toyota Press and escorts to accompany the car fast assistance.-

And above all we will have the passion ,hobby and skill of our asitencias Rafa,Abel,Garci, chants,Pepe and try both lyuba as Camilo join us again…