X-Treme Morocco in October 2017

Morocco X-Treme 2017: of 8 to the 14 October

Two options, dos conceptos X tremble

This year due to the success of 2016 where 33 people share the most grueling Morocco X-Treme and at once the most satisfying for the number of kilometers driven and the high quality of the participants and the road-book selected this year we choice between two different concepts of adventures.

Morocco Navigation X-Treme

In this option the club also leave the town of Quarzazate to devote all week to practice and improving sailing skills.

The routes are the same as in past editions of the numerous international tests in Morocco with professional road-books in great detail and use of paths will be critical. Lake Iriki, el really the Chegara, the Ouzina and erg Chebbi also be trodden by our wheels in a very intense week of sailing at the highest level.

True to our philosophy of hardness the experts may carry out the road-books two full weeks of racing in just 7 days.

Marruecos X-Treme On

After several years of adventures in Morocco, Mauritania and Senegal the club enters the Deep Morocco, We have already taken enough momentum to do what many dream and few dare pistear by southern Morocco, do with the experience routes that have been tested and trodden by people club, We have collected information about refuellings, Hotels, mileages and end of hard work we decided to get the project.

The south is much different north, not as crowded as in areas that we are used to go, after this trip the rest will seem Eurodisney.

El esfuerzo del club es para premiar a todos los que durante estos años habéis confiado en esta idea por eso el viaje empezara en la localidad de Ouarzazate (those who choose to travel by plane there will facilitate the transport of their motorbikes from Barcelona, Madrid, north or south area.

Unlike other times, the road book is not necessary for this expedition, true to our philosophy routes will be made about GPS, it is advisable to carry loaded mapping of the area, for anyone who needs the club will provide the same. However several of the steps may be performed with racing road book at the request of the participants.

Departure from the town of Ouarzazate to get into the mountains to take us to the great lake Iriki and end in Tata, first stop of this adventure, through the old tracks of the Dakar. From there we will begin our great adventure entering in the Anti-Atlas to reach Fort Bou Jerif a perfect to attack what will be the great stage enclave awaits us.

White beach, the dream of every Motard, the immensity of wild beach, find the steps from the beach and the only way out of this will be the most exciting of all our trips without neglecting the tides as we will have one hour of entrance and exit to avoid being caught between the dunes and the sea and the culmination of this great day reach the town of Tam-Tam, stop almost all editions of the Old African Dakar where we take forces to return north to the three stages of return:

  • Tom-tom – Laayoune – Smara
  • Smara – Maybe
  • Maybe – M’hamid
  • M’hamid – Ouarzazate

Are the four stages that will transport us back to civilization after a few days remaining in our memories. This time we will hire the assistance of a 4×4 which will follow us, whenever you orography possible, on the track since the route to make it out of the ordinary and to prevent any incident.

Three levels in one trip


This formula is designed for people who want to train for the Dakar or train for future participation in some African test, navigation, long routes and advice from professional and amateur riders and professional mechanics. The option of loading a box is also given 80 liters (price and availability) similar to that which is transported in the Dakar for all your belongings. Or bring a second bike for the test before the big race.


In this formula, participants in this adventure will have the daily choice between normal route or the X-Treme, depending on their strength or desire. It is ideal for people with experience who want something more than a typical trip ducklings by Morocco and not worry about anything but riding motorbikes for something more than an intense week to remember all his life.


Here we can frame the rest of us who want a quieter ride, where you can learn in a more relaxed way (eye is not going to be a walk), people with less experience or who simply want to enjoy another way of sharing this journey with pilots Dakarianos.


  • It is mandatory to use mousses
  • It is mandatory to use Spot, at least one per couple


Since we are going to go all the known Morocco and the variety of landscapes to explore, suggest you join us in this adventure and be protagonists as assists, stopping and visiting the places that a tourist tour could you never see.


If you do not have bike ready we offer the possibility to provide you a motorcycle racing completely reliable and prepared everything needed in very good condition Yamaha WR450F have several.


  • 1.200 EUR motorcycle
  • 1.500 quad euros
  • 895 companion euros
  • 150 Euro single room supplement

Note: prices may vary depending on the cost of the ferries.


  • Kasbah in hotels and half board
  • Routes
  • Transportation of small luggage bag and small road parts
  • Free access to the club SPOT Shared Page (satellite location system)

Not included

  • Transportation peninsula (check prices trasport the destination)
  • Petrol quad-bike
  • Beverages in hotels
  • Compulsory insurance of repatriation
  • Road-book