Stage 3 Ir 2016: Merzouga – Zagora

At 11am a few kilometers from Merzouga desert bivouac has left the first bike to cope with a fast and technical stage over 180 km, with only one special. After the first day long, and fatigue and mechanical problems therefore thanked noticeable departure time.

Stony track, termination-termination, track too quickly and dunes. Last CPs and the end of the very special and hidden off the main track. All club pilots have gotten away without problems and many in top positions.

Unfortunately our driver Tomas malles Taussig has broken the chain of distribution a few kilometers from CP4. He has gone through all the CPs using assistance and today still in the race after applying late in the evening the excuse Stage 4. He has had a penalty 4 hours for not having finished the stage with the force of the engine itself, but his determination and spirit to continue in competition remain intact. He spent the night in the Sahara workshop in Zagora, with Abdhul and his team work tirelessly on your bike.

Tomorrow's stage has long hard, almost 600 kilometers.
The club assists enter track again to help and support our pilots.