Start the Intercontinental Rally 2015

At 7 Morning was launched, Resort next to Garrofa, the Intercontinental Rally 2015 with a small step foreword to the port of Almería. There the most of 200 participants from 12 countries have embarked to start a five-hour ferry to Nador.

The Spanish participation is framed mostly in the team structure Club Aventura Touareg, comprising 9 bike riders, Fast car assistance 4 crew and a truck with three components more, totaling 16 people.

After the long-awaited meeting Friday night in the Saturday was devoted to various preparatory work, as the distribution of material provided by sponsors, the finishing touches to mechanical, or brieffing by the team manager, the dakariano Manuel García “Murchi”, that transmitted valuable advice and assistance to drivers in an atmosphere of great camaraderie.

Sunday's was devoted to administrative and technical checks during the morning and presentation equipment and overall brieffing during the late evening. This year will take part in the test almost 40 Motorcycle and numerous cars, quads, and UTVs being these four categories in competition. Competitors a large contingent of service trucks and organization adds.

After landing the caravan will head to Taourirt in a short stage that will serve beginners to become familiar with navigating and test their vehicles.

Competition, adventure and humanitarian work

This Trans-test is permeated by all the ingredients that originally gave international fame to Paris Rally – Dakar, for though the competitive environment is always present, This is subject to values ​​such as companionship, passions adventure or action and humanitarian work. Precisely Adventure Club Touareg is the transfer of large amount of medical supplies as one of its main objectives the Spanish children's hospital in Chinguetti, in Mauritania, where you need it. There stretchers be delivered, machines, medicines and other material from the medical facilities of the Port Autonome de Huelva.