Manuel García MurchiThe club is formed in February 2011 by Manuel Garcia, ”Murchi”, after his experience in international rallies amateur pilot and his collaboration with several companies adventure travel assistance.

Given the difficulty for amateur and non-professional drivers to find the information necessary to achieve the goal of one day running a large raid as Dakar and the lack of interest by those involved in the world of broadcast their experiences opted to create a club where you can get all the info, acticvidades perform in the raids relaccion, training trips and create a website where all the info is in about the best coaches and assists in the scene.

The club is a non profit organization and all profits raised by the activities is reinvested in the club.

The club would not be possible without the contribution of its members.

To participate in the activities, necessary to become a member, with an annual fee 10 euros.
Contact Murchi.

For any suggestions regarding the website, contactar AQUÍ


  • 2016: 7º absoluto Libya Rally Maroc,en
  • 2016: Rally Intercontinental con Sara Garcia
  • 2015: Dakar Rally Argentina-Chile-Bolivia
  • 2015: Rally Intercontinental
  • 2014 3º Spain Rally Championship TT
  • 2013 Rally de Marruecos. 7º Enduro Cup
  • 2013 Abandonment by IR accident in Smara
  • 2012 Baja Spain 2012 2Ranked open
  • 2012 Winner IR2012
  • 2010 Rally Argentina Dakar
  • 2008 Rally Tunez-Libia
  • 2007 Rally Tunez (fee)
  • 2006 Dakar Lisboa-Dakar
  • 2005 Rally Faraones
  • 2005-2006 Spain Championship
  • 2002-2011 Baja Spain Aragon