Calendar activities 2017

Apúntate al Aventura Touareg 2017

calendar-2017They are now six years since its inception and pilots and club activities have emerged as the highest representatives of the rally-raids at the amateur level in Spain. His travels to Morocco and the presence in the championships of Spain and sailing events across the country on motorcycles is growing and its participation in international tests Dakar, Merzouga Rally, Orpi Rally of Morocco, Lybian Rally.

The club gives support and advice to all partners who wish to run a test in terms of preparing the same and licenses. It was confirmed that 2016 the growing interest in the world of motorcycles where all the sailing events are booming. There are already over 300 active members of the club where both pilots Dakarianos renowned as amateur riders starting in the world of racing form.

Víctor Rivera, Antonio Gimeno, Antonio Valero, José Luis Espinosa (Caballero black pilot), Pedro Matesanz, David Rincon, José María García, David Serra, Gianni Melloni, Luis Carlos Calderay, Luis Pedrals, Jordi in April, Gerardo Vichic, Justo Crespo, Alberto Prieto, Enric Marti , Dani Martinez, Daniel Tree, Jose Sanchis, Joan Campdera, Sergio Anguiano and so 307 drivers and fans have shared some of the club's activities in these five years.

They have done extensive testing of reliability mounts raids in Morocco X-treme with type stages where mechanical Dakar, Navigation and resistance are always present and where they put the limit both pilots and Mounts. For 2017 the club has a very ambitious project but before two activities to celebrate this magnificent 2016 the club has a great hangout for one of his challenges.


Participation and support team in the Dakar 2017


The weekend 24, 25 and 26 March expose the Motorcycle Hall of Madrid (MotoMadrid 2017) las actividades del club y presentando lo que será nuestro primer evento la organización del I TOUAREG LEGEND for classic bikes, trail , maxitrail and Dakarianas.

opening inscriptions Intercontiental RALLY 2018.

Legend Touareg recognition and creation of road-book.


From 16-23 the former club participate in libya MDC rally from Agadir arrival to Saaidia.


The club will assist several drivers in the Merzouga Rally 2017, held from 7 to the 12 May and is scoring for the Dakar Challenge. Taking advantage of the descent will check several new routes for October Xtreme.



Day 3-4- III Cup regularity in Rioja

They organized by the Tuareg adventure club this year will be two days of competition having the start and finish each day in the Rioja town of Calahorra


Participation and monitoring of club members Spain Aragon Lower. Support team to club members.



Rally organized by us for motorcycles Trail,Maxitrail, Clasicas and Dakarianas

MOROCCO XTREME, of 8 to the 14 October. This year due to the success of 2016 where 26 Motorcycle faced the longest and most difficult of the Xtremes will give two options:

Opción A

Xtreme, leaving the southern town of Ouarzazate towards southern slopes reaching mythical places like white beach, there there, layoune tata

Opción B

XTREME NAVEGACION, Where the practice of road-books career is what prime redoing tests and test for people who are to participate in an international event or for those who wish to improve navigation.

This year due to the success of 2016 where he 15 August hang the poster full we give the choice between these two modes , on the one hand for training for the Dakar they need some time to review their mounts (no possibility to carry two bikes then paying transportation expenses only)

Also we admit companions again not as mere companions but by wives or relatives participate X-Treme given the success of this initiative has had the last two years.

limited to places 15 bikes in each group or option besides this,es 2017 the club puts at your disposal two Yamahas 450 Full Equipped for activities.

January 2018

This year we have a very ambitious project, draw on the experience and success of the club support team in the intercontinental rally to make the jump to high competition.

The idea is to assist amateur riders thinking from the point of view of their needs attention to detail that make life in the heavy races for them.

El club después de dos años haciendo pleno en África esta preparado para afrontar LA CARRERA por excelencia y presentaremos el Club Aventura Touareg Internacional Race Assistance en el DAKAR 2018.

Rally intercontinental 2018
As usual the club participate again in the Intercontiental Rally 2017